About Young Song & Wonderwall Design

won-der-wall\’wǝndǝr-wol\ noun:Something that separates the mundane from the transcendent.

The Always All Ways In worked with W O N D E R W A L L DESIGN to transform two traditional upstate rustic barns into modern sanctuaries that frame the Catskills Mountains as landscape paintings with a multitude of large picture windows. The Big Barn Event Hall and Baby Barn Bar act as clean white backdrops to highlight the family's eclectic vintage collection and exemplify “on the fly design” that re-purposes salvaged construction materials.

W O N D E R W A L L DESIGN is a design + build studio in Halcottsville, NY.  Wonderwall utilizes local Catskills Mountains lumber mills and craftspeople to create objects, spaces and environments that integrate modern design and a sense wonder into the everyday, the ordinary and the overlooked.

Young Song, Designer + Founder

email:  youngsong8801@gmail.com

mobile:  718 772 7728

studio:  607 326 0141